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We convert your plan for a product/component from an idea into a drawing and finally a specifically manufactured item. We aim to provide a reliable and cost effective service to all our customers, all our staff are highly trained and have an agricultural background, this makes us very aware of the current state of agriculture and the rules and regulations everyone works under.
It involves the design, manufacturing, installation and implementation as well as the management of machines for our Customers.....
we made safe delivery schedule which we offer to our much deserved customers as per their demand and designs. Our purpose is to mprove opportunities for
each participant in the process namely you.
Installing Team:

We send our team for instalment of the products.The team consists mainly of specialists in Engineering. This team works in the SHAHZAD ENGINEERING COMPANY, where they spend their time preparing the products. The installment team goes to the site where the renovation needs to be done...

Over the last decade, the Shahzad engineering company  has gained lots of experience. Along the way, they have perfected the organization of the different phases in the installment process.
The Shahzad engineering company consists of professionals who are competent and properly trained. As a result the Shahzad Engineering Company is always aware of the newest developments and technical evolutions in their area of expertise.

1-Year Warranty for all Hydraulic Jacks/Cylinders:

We provide one year warranty on all the Hydraulic Jacks/cylinders manufactured by Shahzad engineering company. If there is any problem with the Hydraulic Jacks/cylinders sold from us within one year, just send it back to us and we will repair for you. If the Jacks/cylinders can't be repaired, we will send a new one for you.

We are specialized in.....
Specialized Welding :
welding processes are used to weld various materials such as cast iron Welding procedures, procedure qualification and welder qualifications, approved by a third party welding inspection authority, can be done on the above materials.

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